A new way of ordering

plant-based real food

We are proud to be a
spray-free, waste conscious,  plant based
& whole food kitchen


Spray free

We only use spray-free / organic, non GMO, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. 

Vegan &
Plant Based

There is no meat, dairy or any animal products used in our kitchen or meals. Only soul nourishing whole foods.


Intolerances to gluten are becoming increasingly common, so we have safe guarded all your meals, and do not have this ingredient in our kitchen.

Processing & Packaging

We do our best to use minimal packaging and ensure that all your meals are portion controlled to reduce oxidisation. Because all our foods are made of whole ingredients, the only processing the food undergoes is been hand made into the meal you receive it in.

Eat a Rainbow

 We use as many colors in our meals as possible so you are getting the maximum variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes nutrients and antioxidants to boost immunity, improve health and support cellular function.

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